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June 27, 2019 @ 3:24 pm

NBA Star Rick Darnell Discusses Cannabis and Building Businesses After Basketball

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Listen as Attorney Michael Brette (founder of Small Cap Equity Advisors and author of Raising Capital for Your Business) talks with former NBA Star Rick Darnell (who once played back in the day with the legendary Dr. J...Julius Erving) about his transition from basketball into being a successful businessman with liquor brands like Comisario (the world's most awarded tequila) and his current passion for the healing power of cannabis and CBD.  He talks about his work today as LA Chapter President for the Retired NBA Players Association and how he helps younger players make the difficult transition out of basketball to a successful 2nd phase of their career. And how his passion for the possibilities of cannabis continues to grow as he watches more and more players struggle with the aftermath of injuries and the over-prescription of opioids for pain (and the ensuing pain and addictions they cause). As we put our finger on the pulse of business today, here on OC Talk Radio...Orange County's only community radio station

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