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September 9, 2019 @ 11:16 am

Going Public: The IPO Process & Assembling Your Team

BUSINESS PULSE 012: Going Public: The IPO Process & Assembling Your Team 

This week, Attorney Michael Brette, Founder of Small Cap Equity Advisors and author of Raising Capital for Your Business, discusses the traditional IPO process and the necessary elements you need to do an S1 Registration. We learn why choosing the right people to be on your team is crucial for successfully taking your business public. 

We learn who should be on your internal and external team when navigating the IPO process and why each team player is essential for successfully taking your company public. We learn why it’s crucial for your CEO and CFO to have prior public company experience. We also learn how your internal and external team’s prior experience with taking companies public impacts an investor’s decision to buy stock in your company.


“Everybody has to be focused on making a success out of the IPO offering.” - Attorney Michael Brette 


This week on Business Pulse Talk Radio: 

  • Why working with the right team throughout the IPO process is paramount for successfully going public
  • Why you need to work with an experienced IPO attorney with first-hand experience in your sector
  • The importance of working with experienced auditors throughout the IPO process
  • The value of working with underwriters and how they help you stabilize stock prices
  • How your advisors can help you choose the best stock exchange for your offering
  • How the investor relations company you work with can help your offering get seen by the right investors
  • Why it’s critical that your CEO and CFO have previous public company experience
  • The importance of having an ‘all-hands meeting’ with your internal and external team and the topics you should discuss
  • The role of your Executive Compensation Committee
  • The importance of documentation, communication, and disclosure when taking your business public
  • Why your board of directors is an integral part of your team and how their level of experience impacts investor decisions
  • The value of hosting roadshows to attract investors to your offering 

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